General Information

Hello from Relevance Partners, LLC,  developer of Relevance Suite® analytics.

Why Relevance Suite®

  • Here is some insight into the reason the Relevance Suite® even exists.

Our Vocabulary

  • Ever talk to a sailor, or a pilot? They got a name for everything. We’re just as bad.  Here‘s a list of words we use to get around the Suite.

Getting to a Report

  • Getting around the system is just point-and-click.  Here are some pointers about how the menu is arranged and what some of the standard choices do.

Working with a Report

The Report Inventory

How Data and Transformations Work

  • Dimensions, Identifiers and Aggregation Schemes
  • Metrics like Indexes and Propensities and such..

Relevant Circulars

  • This is a complex analytics exercise that combines shopper segmentation, shopper purchase history, retail product hierarchy structures, retailer and manufacturer coupons, available delivery mechanisms to create a coupon circular tailored to each individual shopper in the store.