Navigation is point-and-click using selections from the menu bar.  (click on that blurry image above and see a menu example more clearly)

Several of the choices are standards and have these purposes

My Views

My Favorites

This is a list of report instances that you create by using the save-as-a-favorite icon, or the Save Report as Favorite choice from this menu item.  This is the quick/easy way to navigate to reports you use often.

Recently Displayed

This list contains the last instance of each report that you have viewed.  Makes is easy/quick to navigate around amongst a handful of reports without having to clutter up your favorites list with just today’s work.

Available Data

This will pop up a window that explains the available time scope of the transaction data in the analytic database.  The three tabs are there to assist with making selections from the TIME dropdown selectors, which may refer to timeframes as CURRENT or COMPLETE.  When in doubt about which week, quarter, period, day, year are current or complete, consult this feature.