Recently Run Reports



Show the logon user the most recent N reports they have run.RecentlyRunRpts


There is no instance selector for this report. It is an “autorun” report which queries the system tables at the moment the report is requested, and returns thereby the most up-to-date result.


The rows are the report name-instance combination.


  • Status – Status can be one of three possibilities;
    • Completed – the request table has a “done date” timestamp assigned to this report-instance.
    • Queued to Run – the request to run has been submitted but the report is waiting in the execution queue for its turn to run.
    • Running – the report is executing now
  • Completed At – The timestamp of when the report completed execution and was available for viewing.
  • Elapsed Run Time (HH:Mm:Ss) – The length of time the report script took to execute.  This is the “wall clock” time not the “cpu seconds” so it will be affected by system load.