Why Relevance Suite®?

The need to deliver more from your CRM investment dollars!


Frustration meets Creativity.  Creativity wins!

Three guys who each spent a decade (or more) working with big data in the FMCG1 industry realized that there was a real opportunity to add both efficiency and effectiveness to the CRM2 process by creating a delivery platform that, for once, used an appropriate blend of hands-on custom analytics creativity and automated software delivery.

We had both seen and experienced the frustration of CRM workers who were stymied by either the inability of current automation tools to deliver the requested/required analytics,  or by the insurmountable organizational inertia based on human/manual intervention to get anything done, or repeated.  So, we quit our jobs, rolled up our sleeves, put our thinking caps on [,insert your own cliche here] and got to work designing and building a CRM delivery platform that properly leveraged the multiple resources available to solve the problem.

The result is the Relevance Suite®.


Hands-on only where it is Required

In every implementation we had experienced of a software tool that would allow the end user to make “any” report they might need, there was ultimately (sometimes early on) the requirement to employ human intervention in the data or database to get answers that the software could not define or deliver.

We accept that as a foundational premise of our design and in the Relevance Suite® each of the reports you see delivered to the browser interface was hand-built by a programmer analyst.  The cost/benefit here is a good one in that you no longer shy away from the difficult analytic approaches you have probably been asking for for years, because now the entire capacity of the relational database’s SQL engine is available to create the data transformations your analytics require.  We are designed this way to overcome the need to ever say “No, can’t do that.”

If you are not frustrated by your current software to supply all the analytics you request then you don’t need us!

Otherwise, well, what are you still waiting for?


Software enables all the Mundane Stuff

Once the report/analysis is written and encapsulated in the Relevance Suite the software takes over all the mundane stuff.

And software doesn’t sleep.

  • It’s 5:30 pm and you’re on the train going home and oh sh*t I’ve got that meeting first thing tomorrow with so-an-so and he wanted to look at Beer & Wine not just Cold Cereals and I forgot to call Bob in IT and ask if he could run that SKU Rationalization for Beer & Wine for me with the Lifestyle Segmentation detail instead of the standard Pantry Buying segmentation and oh cr*p what am I going to do I can’t cancel the meeting…..  – OR – just get home, take out your iPad, logon to your Relevance Suite® web page, navigate to the report you want, request it be run for Beer & Wine with Lifestyle breakout, and have a nice night.  Get into work tomorrow and its done.  No worries.
  • Its the day before the weekly individual circulars are going to be prepared and you’re sitting with the ABC rep and you and s/he are looking over an opportunities report and s/he points to a shopper count and says something like “Wow I’d love to fund an offer to those folks but my budget expires this week so we’d need to get that in the pipeline like right now or we’ll miss the chance and do you think there’s ANY way you could talk to your IT and data folks to download this to a list that you could then give to your Merchandising folks or whoever is in charge of getting stuff into the individually targeted circulars for this week and we could not miss this chance before the holiday weekend [and they always seem to talk in endless run-on sentences and by now your kind of blurry just trying to remember how this all might work]  – OR – you could follow a few simple steps like 1 Click on the cell in the report with the shopper count and type a saved-list name into the box that pops up, 2 go to the offer management page for the offer you have in mind to “target” and associate this newly saved shopper list (selected from a list of all your saved shopper lists) with the offer.  Done.  Whew!  Now I’m exhausted (or not).


Full Automation when the going Really Gets Tough

How about this for getting closer to your customers, and grabbing a few extra of their shopping trips per year.

  • Go through the entire weekly circular, each week, for each shopping household in your entire store/chain/banner/whatever and based on that household’s shopping in your store over the last 18 months rank order all those promotions based on the likelihood that that household will find the offer appealing.
  • Create a feed file for each household with the top N most appealing offers, in rank order, and ship that off to one/more delivery system(s) so that each household could understand how appealing YOUR store is for their next shopping trip.

And its done each week, automatically, with analytics available on which offers were allocated to how many shoppers and why.



1  Fast Moving Consumer Goods – specifically grocery stores where repeat purchases are made frequently.

2 Customer Relationship Management – any organized attempt by a vendor to improve the relationship between the vendor and its customers, often by using purchase information to promote loyalty.